Election Day: A Snapshot of What You Need To Know

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is the day of the US General Election. If you did not vote by mail, have your vote by mail and have not turned it in, or are planning to vote in person, the polls will be open from 7AM-8PM.  NOTE: Wilmington City government offices will be closed on Election Day. 

What Offices Are Up For Election?

There are a number of positions that are on the ballot in Delaware. They are:

  • U.S. President
  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. Congress
  • Delaware Governor
  • Delaware Lt. Governor
  • Delaware Insurance Commissioner
  • Delaware State Senate in Districts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19 & 20
  • Delaware State Representative in All Districts
  • New Castle Clerk of The Peace
  • New Castle County President of County Council
  • New Castle County Executive
  • New Castle County Council in Districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • City of Wilmington- Mayor
  • Wilmington City Treasurer
  • Wilmington President of City Council
  • Wilmington City Council at Large
  • Wilmington City Council in All Districts

To see the full list of registered candidates and learn more about who is on your ballot, click here

Voting By Mail

If you requested a Vote By Mail ballot, and have not yet returned it, you must use the secure ballot drop box to drop off the voted ballot at your county election office. The secure ballot drop boxes are available in each county office, as well as in the lobby of the Carvel State Office Building. When returning the voted ballot using the drop boxes, the ballot must be back at the county office that issued them by 8PM on Election Day.

Election Office Addresses and more information on Vote By Mail ballots can be found here.

Knowing Your Rights On Election Day

To ensure all Delawareans can vote safely, here is an outline of rights and regulations if you’re heading to the polls. 

  1. If you are registered to vote, you are entitled to vote.
  2. You can’t be coerced, threatened, hindered, or intimidated.
  3. You can still vote if you’re in line when the polls close at 8 pm
  4. If you make mistake on your ballot, you can ask for a new one
  5. If voting machines are down, you can ask for a paper ballot.
  6. If your name isn’t in the poll book, you can still vote with a provisional ballot. You’ll be notified how to find out if your vote was counted and if not, why not. (More information on provisional ballots here.)
  7. If you have a disability, you can bring two people to help you vote. 
  8. If you moved or changed your name without telling the Department of Elections, you can vote at the polling place of your address on Election Day by correcting your address before you vote. 
  9. If you need help in the voting booth, two elections officers from different parties have to help at the same time. They cannot influence your decision and must leave before you vote. 
  10. You may not enter the polls wearing campaign memorabilia, but you may enter voting rooms wearing t-shirt or slogans from nonpartisan issues (ex. Black Lives Matter)
  11. All polling places must be physically accessible. Voters with disabilities are entitled to at least one accessible voting machine. 
  12. Voters with disabilities can request electronics delivery on an accessible absentee ballot via elections.delaware.gov. 
  13. Campaigns are allowed to contact voters in person or by phone, irrespective of “no soliciting” signs, but are prohibited from doing so within 50 feet of the entrance to a polling station. 

Other Resources

If you need to check on your polling location, the status of your mail in/absentee ballot, you can click here.

If you have not used one of the new polling machines, you can watch a demo here

If you’d like to see a sample ballot for the general election here.

If you’d like to share your “I Voted” Selfie with our friends on the It’s Time Campaign, be sure to tag your post with #ItsTimeToVoteWilmDE 

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