“Explore Delaware’s Birth to Three Journey with Ms. Rachel” Leaves Lasting Impact On Early Childhood Development

The Birth to Three Program (B23) under the Delaware Division of Public Health’s (DPH) held a live event, “Explore Delaware’s Birth to Three Journey with Special Guest Ms. Rachel,” on December 6. This engaging Zoom event gained widespread attention, featuring dynamic discussions, a captivating performance by influencer and child advocate Ms. Rachel, and Aron Accurso of SONGS FOR LITTLES, along with an interactive Q&A session. The event aimed to raise awareness about early childhood development, foster community engagement among Delaware families, and spotlight the state’s impactful partnership with national sensation Ms. Rachel. Esteemed panelists included Ms. Rachel, an award-winning educator, songwriter, and online sensation, alongside key figures from Delaware’s Birth to Three Program:

  • Nicole Topper, Public Health Administrator I
  • Erin Rich, Part C Coordinator
  • Candi Biles, Public Health Treatment Program Administrator
  • Sarah Wood, Training and Education Administrator I
  • Maricarmen Morales Santiago, Trainer/Educator III

Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long, PhD, RNC, FAAN, also attended and emphasized the importance of early intervention and B23 services in her opening remarks:

“[In Delaware] we have seen high-quality services as we’ve talked to parents that have participated in the program,” Lieutenant Governor Hall-Long said. “The numbers we have collected are between 92.8% to 95.4% of them reporting real impact on the progress of their children’s socialization, motor skills, and learning. So let’s lean in and continue to make Delaware a shining star of success.”

The event gained significant online traction, with the B23 website receiving 1.9k views to the registration page in the weeks preceding the event. 710 families registered for the event in advance with pre-submitted questions and commentary for the panel. Among these, 303 attendees participated, resulting in an impressive 43% attendance rate. Over 75% of registrants were from Delaware, showcasing the event’s regional impact.

Ms. Rachel shared her hopes for the partnership with Delaware’s B23 program:

“I hope I promote the idea that [Early Intervention is] something you should be proud of because it’s so wonderful for your child. I know that Delaware has made it so much easier and less daunting than other states with this wonderful website and how clear it is…I know when I first started and I saw all the steps and paperwork I was confused and I just hope I can make it easier to figure out. I’m so passionate about Early Intervention, it’s so wonderful!”

For more information about Delaware’s Birth to Three Early Intervention Program and the collaboration with Ms. Rachel, visit B23DE.org or contact Birth to Three Administration staff, Nicole Topper or Sarah Wood, at DPHMedia@Delaware.Gov.

View videos from the partnership on B23’s website.

For Ms. Rachel correspondence, contact Rina Cohen at Rina@MsRachel.com and Sophie Wiener at Sophie.Wiener@caa.com.

About Delaware Birth to Three:

Delaware Birth to Three, following the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C, provides support for families with infants and toddlers from birth to age three with developmental delays or disabilities. The program aims to help families and caregivers improve their child’s learning and growth by making the most of daily learning opportunities, ensuring every child can reach their full potential.

About Ms. Rachel:

Rachel Griffin Accurso, known online as Ms. Rachel, is an award-winning educator, songwriter, and online sensation with a Master’s in Music Education from New York University and currently working towards her second Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Rachel and her husband, Aron Accurso, have created the popular YouTube channel SONGS FOR LITTLES, which provides educational videos and music classes for toddlers and preschoolers.

For those who are deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf-Blind, or speech-disabled, contact DPH by dialing 711 first using specialized devices (i.e. TTY, TeleBraille, voice devices). The 711 service is free, and to learn more about how it works, visit delawarerelay.com.

The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH), a division of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, is a nationally accredited public health agency recognized by the Public Health Accreditation Board for its outstanding dedication to driving change through innovation. DPH is committed to improving the quality of the lives of Delaware’s citizens by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, and protecting vulnerable populations.

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