ChristianaCare’s Successful Response to COVID-19

To keep space free for those who most need it, ChristianaCare is monitoring more than 350 patients with COVID-19 virtually. Healthcare workers are contacting patients throughout the day via CareVio, a web platform built by ChristianaCare. The platform allows them to text and call their patients to check up on their condition. 

This new form of telemedicine is a prime example of how healthcare providers across the country are mobilizing during the pandemic. This new technology is allowing for Doctors to see patients while ensuring social distancing practices are being followed. 

Since the virtual practice has been launched, ChristianaCare has conducted more than 250 video visits with patients. During a visit, patients self-report their symptoms and healthcare workers determine if they continue their care at home or if they need in-person care. Most patients have been able to remain home, but because COVID-19 develops differently in each patient, a number have had to receive in-person care. 

33-year-old Derrick Pringle was one of the first few people in Delaware to be hospitalized with COVID-19. He spent 2 weeks in ChristianaCare’s intensive care unit and is now continuing his recovery at home. 

“I just feel like I just escaped something that really wanted to take me away,” said Pringle.

The Delaware Division of Public Health says that recovery from COVID-19 requires 7 days of being symptom-free, followed by 3 days in isolation, and another four days of strict social distancing. During that 14 day period, you must remain symptom-free. 

“I am just so fortunate to be home, and if I can help somebody, if I can give back in any way, I’m going to do it,” 

Read more of Derrick Pringle’s story here, and read more about ChristianaCare’s COVID efforts here

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