ChristianaCare and Highmark Health Announce Collaboration Between Provider and Payor to Transform Healthcare

On April 21, 2021  ChristianaCare and Highmark Health announced a collaboration that aims to create better health and to make healthcare more affordable for everyone by taking costs out of the system.

Through a new joint venture company, the two national healthcare leaders will combine their expertise and capabilities to transform healthcare by creating a new model of value-based care that is data and technology-led. The new model will be a major departure from the transactional, fee-for-service model that underpins much of American healthcare.

“As two nationally recognized innovators, it makes perfect sense to leverage our combined expertise and resources to improve health outcomes, decrease costs, streamline processes between receiving and paying for care, and ultimately reimagine the whole health experience,” said Karen Hanlon, chief operating officer, Highmark Health.

Both Highmark Health and ChristianaCare are pioneers in value-based healthcare, which supports a focus on whole-person healthcare, unlocking new opportunities to achieve health equity, address social determinants of health and build healthier communities. This new model incentivizes outcomes and efficiency—and takes patient care to a new level.

“Today we take a bold step forward to revolutionize healthcare. We are rethinking the way care is delivered and the way it’s paid for creating a new health care ecosystem that will enable better health and more affordable, accessible, high-quality care that is continuous and data-driven,” said Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH, president, and CEO of ChristianaCare.

Highmark and ChristianaCare are modernizing the delivery of care so that it no longer needs to revolve around an appointment with your doctor. Data and technology enable us to deliver care that anticipates the needs of the individual and doesn’t pause between appointments. That care could include wearable technologies or technology in the home, telehealth visits or texting, data-powered care management, and in-person consultations when appropriate—all designed to ensure the right care and resources are engaged at the right time for each person.

To begin with, the two engines will power the creation and delivery of new models of care. The first is the Solution Design Center, which will create data- and technology-driven solutions to improve health outcomes, efficiency, and experience for patients, members, and care providers. The second component of the venture is the Center for Virtual Health, which develops, tests, and deploys virtual capabilities for primary and specialty care that improve patient access, experience, and outcomes while reducing the total cost of care. 

ChristianaCare and Highmark Health have committed to a 10-year joint venture, with oversight by a board equally composed of leaders from both organizations. 

Read the full press release from ChristanaCare here

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