“Chess On The Square” Tournament Set Returns For its 6th year

Chess on The Square Poster
The tournament welcomes all ages and skill levels!

BVD Barber Salon owner Terrone Warren, Council President Trippi Congo, and local supporter Lisa Flowers have teamed up to sponsor Wilmington’s 6th annual “Chess On The Square” event. This event is a chess tournament mixed with a day of fun for people of all ages and all levels of chess experience. Warren and Flowers said chess players with varying skills are invited to compete and that less experienced players are especially welcome so they can learn more about the game and increase their ability to become a chess expert.

The players will not be eliminated throughout the tournament. They will be paired in each round and the person who wins the most points will be declared the winner. On their way to the win, each is awarded one point for a win and the competitors share a half-point each in a draw. Opponents will be chosen based on points as the day progresses. The tournament will be divided into 4 sections:

  1. Grades K – 5 
  2. Grades 6 – 8
  3. Grades 9 – 12 and adults below Grand Master
  4. Grand Masters

The tournament is scheduled for September 18th beginning at 10 am and will take place in BVD Barber Salon. To register for the FREE chess tournament, visit their website by clicking here or email chessonthesquarewilm@gmail.com, or call 302.420.2152.

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