Beautiful City Campaign Continues With Roll Out of SMART Technology Trash Bins

Previously, we’ve covered Wilmington’s Beautiful City Campaign initiative, and we’re excited to already share some results.

Over the past 2 weeks new SMART technology trash bins have begun to roll out citywide. Wilmington’s Public Works Department delivered new-gray colored trash bins to 21,000 residential properties. When the plan was initially announced, the city didn’t expect to receive these bins from the manufacturer until March, but instead they came early and have already been delivered residents.

These new trash bins are upgraded with SMART technology, equipped with a proprietary HF (high frequency) GPS chip. With the chips, the city can track which bins have been emptied and at what times, to ensure effective and efficient trash collection. Soon, the city plans to introduce a real-time map that residents can use to track the trash and recycling collection vehicles.

To dispose of the city’s old trash bins, Wilmington has partnered with Eco Plastic Products of Delaware, a non-profit recycling organization. Eco Plastic Products will be taking old trash bins from City residents to be recycled. The organization specializes in turning old plastics into new useful and sustainable products. This includes park benches, bicycle racks and picnic tables.

Mayor Mike Purzycki said he hopes the new trash bins will contribute to a cleaner city and reminds residents to place all trash in trash bins and not the city streets. He also believes the new bin deliveries will encourage residents to recycle as much as possible.

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