These 5 Corporations are Investing in Wilmington’s Future

This past November the inaugural OpenBracket challenge, Delaware’s first ever software coding competition. Attracted 100 participants and nearly 3,000 applications, with the goal of retaining talented software engineers.

Developed by representatives of Zip Code Wilmington (Delaware’s only coding school), First State Innovation (a privately led initiative that focuses on increasing Delaware’s entrepreneurial capacity), the Kitchen Creative (video production service), Delaware (covers tech news in the Wilmington area) along with venture capitalist Ben duPont, the inaugural event featured an online competition with and an in-person event in Wilmington.

Five Delaware corporations — Chatham Financial, JPMorgan Chase, Barclaycard US, Capital One and Christiana Care — collaborated together to support the coding competition, allocating out $50,000 in cash prizes.

Initiatives like the coding competition and as the “Mill Talks” series on Public-Private partnerships (link to article) explained the: “Pay for Success” economic model, Delaware needs to focus on it’s core competencies of financial services, chemicals, health and life sciences, etc. and synergize them with technology. With the goals of; sparking start-up innovation, venture capital, and infusing more revenue into our state’s economy.

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