BYDAWAY Bash Featuring Cardi B Coming To 76ers Fieldhouse

76ers Fieldhouse is the place to be. Thanks to the Cream Agency, which is known for consistently elevating the careers of stars on their client list. Now, they are setting their sights towards raising the profile of Wilmington! After hosting TrapStock last July, the agency has come back with BYDAWAY BASH.


Cream has partnered with BPG|SPORTS to host the event at the 76ers Fieldhouse. What makes this event the place to be is Billboard chart-topping, Grammy Award-winning artist, host Cardi B! Not only will attendees get the chance to “party with Cardi”, this event will have plenty of interactive special features.


More About Cream Agency

Wilmington native Patience Foster founded her salon, Vixated Salon in 2013. She credits that business to her being able to start The Cream Agency. In a previous interview about Trapstock on, Patience Foster spoke about her love of Wilmington, “My city deserves everything! All of the networks, resources, opportunities, and excitement! I see it in all the cities I travel to. I want to see it when I come home!”


Event Info:

When: April 26th, 2019

Where: 76ers Fieldhouse


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Disclaimer: This is a celebrity appearance, not an official performance or production

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