Why Wilmington Is a Great Place to Raise a Family: Part 2 – The Attractions

Why Wilmington is a Great Place to Raise a Family

In the first part of this series we highlighted Wilmington’s plethora family-friendly and community building festivals.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at took at the variety of attractions throughout Wilmington and the surrounding area. There’s always something fun and new to do in Wilm!

The Museums

The Children’s Museum – Kids love their fun and interactive exhibits. With new events every month it’ll quickly become a go-to family activity.

Delaware Art Museum – We’ve written about the Delaware Art Museum before! Appreciate Wilmington even more by seeing local artists showcased and historical references created.

Delaware History Museum – There’s no better way to understand Delaware’s history than this 150 year old museum.

The Delaware Museum of Natural History – With tons of eye-popping exhibits kids love exploring this museum and getting involved in their monthly events. 

The Theatres

Wilmington has a ton of fantastic movie theaters. Some of the more popular ones include Theatre N, Penn Cinema, and Cinemark

Not only that, but there are also live performance theatres, including: 

Delaware Children’s Theatre – With a goal to enrich children’s cultural life, the DCT has been entertaining families of all sizes for over 40 seasons.

The Grande – A nonprofit arts organization promoting opera and other live performances

The Sports

Wilmington Blue Rocks – An affordable way to enjoy live sports, watching the Blue Rocks is a great family activity. The Blue Rocks also run several family and kids programs like summer camps and events to get involved.

Delaware Blue Coats – Playing in the 76ers Fieldhouse right here in Wilmington, the Blue Coats have a close affiliation with the NBA team. They host tons of community events and are always entertaining to watch.

We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of why Wilmington is a great place to raise a family – Part 3 coming soon!

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