Art is ALIVE in Wilmington, Delaware!

Updated November 16, 2020
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Did you know Wilmington was recently named one of the Top 40 Most Arts-Vibrant Communities in the U.S.? This made us want to do some more digging in our town to compile all of the galleries and museums we could find!

1. The Sold Firm Art Gallery– We showcased Nataki Oliver’s gallery this past week and love her approach to combining art with the community around her. Her most recent exhibit entitled “Pendulum Swing” commented on the need for social alignment within the black community. The Sold Firm also hosts events for the community like open mic nights and held voter registration for the past election.

WHAT’S UNDER THE MASK, Velvet Poindexter at the Sold Firm Art Gallery

2. LaFate Gallery– Founded by award winning artist, Eunice LaFate, this gallery has lived on LOMA for 5 years and is bubbling over with all of her original works dating back to over 37 years ago. LaFate was also featured as one of our #PeopleOfWilmDE.

3. Blue Streak Art Gallery- Located in Trolley Square, Blue Streak showcases contemporary local and regional artists, and also sells jewelry and clothing.

4. Chris White Art Gallery-This gallery has an interesting approach when it comes to selecting artists and exhibitions, and has select criteria and a committee in doing so. According to their website, “Exhibitions will be reviewed for diversity of artistic practice, theme, and media to serve both Shipley Artist Lofts and the development of an inclusive and supportive art community in the City of Wilmington, Delaware.”

5. Howard Pyle Studio- For twenty-seven years (1883-1911), Howard Pyle, the father of the Brandywine tradition of art painted, wrote, and taught in these sets of studios. Upon his death, it was taken over by the Studio Group, as a small group of women who met weekly to paint and study art. Today members continue their love of art and participate in the community in donating scholarships to art students at local colleges. Currently closed to the public, this studio is regularly an attraction on the Wilmington Art Loop (see below).

6. Delaware Art Museum-This Wilmington staple houses substantial exhibitions as well as the six-acre Copeland Sculpture Garden. In the summertime they host a killer happy hour every Thursday! They also have art classes in everything from photography to metalsmithing (we didn’t know that was a thing, either!)

Chawky Frenn at the Delaware Contemporary

7. Delaware Contemporary- Housed in what used to be a railroad passenger-coach factory, the facility has over 30 studios and seven galleries. It also hosts Open Figure Drawing series and currently has these exhibitions: “Suffragists” (statement on women’s right to vote), “We the People, for Show or for Sure” (commentary on U.S. politics), and “Farthest From the Ordinary” (environmental and social injustice issues).

8. Wilmington Art Loop- A 30 year tradition in our city, the Loop usually occurs the first Friday of every month (they are paused currently due to COVID). A walking, self-guided tour throughout participating galleries (like the ones mentioned above) this is an incredible way to see rotating art and interact with members of the community!

Where is your favorite place to view art in the city? How does art impact our community and identity? WHO is your favorite Wilmington artist? Comment below! As always, follow my journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! We will see you at the next location!


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